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For those of you on the second HotMC email list with the visible list, please do not reply-all. Mention in the Cracked thread who you are and that you are real, if it matters that much to you. By replying to everyone in the email list, you are spamming other members. catw7tyv    yvty vgyuhuuinusfduiouisfdhu8rshu0rehui043b54 rjioch9vcgy8vch90vc90fd90fdjireko4kopsopcppcpcpvopvcioduasyiasguisdiovub 890 89 8vy89cx890xct7

If his ARG is anything like other ARGs out there, there may come a time when we all must meet up IRL to complete a real-world challenge..

But how can we tell each other apart from those who don't know the power of the Sauce?

Easy! We all wear Hamburger of the Month Club (Hot MC) shirts!!

We already have two shirt ideas and if you'd like to draw any more up and submit them post it here in the forums. Submissions have to be in on June 1st and we'll decide then which shirt/shirts we want!

Just remember: Pickles are gross.

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