Emails from a club called Hamburger of the Month (Despite being Cheeseburgers)

May 29th EmailEdit

From: HotM Club

To: DavidW289

Hey there hamburger lovers!

We heard you loud and clear! You want pictures of burgers and you want them now! We tried to sit on these bad boys and keep them all to ourselves till next month, but your waves of enthusiasm would not relent.

After a few hundred new members, we were flooded with pictures of burgers of all shapes and sizes. Many of them were terrible. There is no way to sugar coat that, so there it is, out in the open.

You should be ashamed.

Anyway, on to the burgers! First up, our top 10 picks:

Our favorite burger was one sent to us under the name gator hater. I don't know why this burger hates gators so much, but it sure does look tasty!

  • Number at bottom right.
  • Numbers at Bottom Right again.
  • On top of Odometer.

Isbn: 55513

cipher thing: 27.7.2 27.7.3 27.7.4 10.39.10 10.39.11 27.7.5 27.7.6

isbn: 65914

cipher thing: 106.23.13 106.23.14 106.24.1 106.24.2 106.24.3 106.24.4

isbn 9789707?

cipher thing: 282.20.5 282.20.6 282.20.7 282.20.8 282.20.9 282.20.10

When translated, they come together to say

"I made that flaccid penis part up"

"a dagger made of dried turds"

"We need the bone bomb back"

or possibly:

9789707) We 282.20.5 need 282.20.6 the 282.20.7 bone 282.20.8 bomb 282.20.9 back 282.20.10

(65914) A 106.25.13 Dagger 106.23.14 Made 106.24.1 Of 106.24.2 Dried 106.24.3 Turds 106.24.4

(55513) I 27.7.2 made 27.7.3 that 27.7.4 flaccid 10.39.10 penis 10.39.11 part 27.7.5 up 27.7. 6

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